Saturday, 12 January 2013
Resolutions? Nah|Goals? Yes!

            I know a lot of people set resolutions every new year. And a lot of people don’t keep those resolutions. Therefore, some people have a negative view of resolutions. Personally, I don’t necessarily like resolutions, however I LOVE goals. That’s something my dad taught me. He always told me that you’ve got to have personal goals to give you direction. Then develop tangible plans to achieve those goals.

            For the last five to six years, I’ve set personal goals for myself. I pray about them, write them out, then keep them in a place where I won’t forget about them. Currently, I keep a list of them in a file on my phone. For example, I had a goal to read 24 books last year (outside of study and sermon/class prep). After each book I read, I would make a note of it in my phone. Unfortunately, I only read 20, but to me that’s not failure. If I hadn’t had that goal, I’m sure I would have read much less. This year my goal is 22.

            I set goals in 7 specific areas: Spiritual, Physical, Personal Development, Family, Social, Career, and Financial. Now, I don’t have huge lists of goals under each area. Some areas may have just one or two main goals while others may have five or six. The point is to examine yourself and God’s direction for your life. Some goals I set are easier, while some are purposefully harder. I hope to reach just over half of my goals each year. That way, I know I’m setting some goals high while others are more achievable.  

            Prov. 16:3 says, “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” The new year is a good time to take stock of your life and direction. Just because it’s January 9th doesn’t mean you can’t make goals for your life. And if you don’t stick to them in the future, make new ones that are simpler with plans for attaining them. Dan Miller’s website has a worksheet that will help you set goals in each of the areas I mentioned. Remember: indecision is the greatest thief of opportunity. –C.Fry

Posted on 01/12/2013 5:58 PM by Chris Fry
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