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God's Unique Creation

            This week’s lesson from our Unique VBS Series is “God’s Unique Creation.” Psalm 19 is the basis for this lesson, which begins: “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” It is amazing to me that God paints a beautiful, magnificent sunset every single evening. And not just that, he paints beauty across the sky every single morning as well! The shades of green in the trees, the crash of the ocean’s waves, and the smell of the rain—all declare the glory of God.

            One commonality among all human beings is the recognition of the beauty and splendor of the natural world around us. It doesn’t matter what you believe, all of us marvel at the sunsets, mountains, and oceans. However, there is a fundamental difference between the Christian and the non-believer: we realize that all this beauty points to the one true and living God.  We don’t worship the creation. We worship the Creator. We admire the sunset, but it is just glimpse of the glow of our Lord. The mountains are enormous, but they are a mere pebble in comparison with our Maker.

            So, we teach our kids to enjoy our world around us but with a healthy view that we worship God and Him alone. The ocean’s waves and the bird’s songs are for His glory. We are stewards of this world realizing that we own nothing but are entrusted with much. And, when we have the right perspective, we gain small glimpses of the Heaven that awaits us. –C.Fry

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