Monday, 18 February 2013
Regrets You'll Never Have

            I wish I’d spent more time at work. I wish I’d watched more TV. I wish I’d spent less time playing with my kids/grandkids. I wish I’d checked Facebook more. I wish I‘d spent more money on myself. I wish I’d kept the house cleaner. I wish I’d read my Bible less. I wish I had missed Wednesday night Bible class more.  I wish I went on less dates with my wife.

            I wish we’d slept in on Sunday more. I wish I’d bought more stuff and wasted more money. I wish I’d visited others less. I wish I had worried more. I wish I’d yelled more. I wish I’d skipped more church events. I wish I’d gotten more sleep. I wish I’d given in to temptations more. I wish I’d prayed less. I wish I’d argued over trivial matters more. I wish I had given less. I wish I had played more computer/video games. I wish I had gossiped more. I wish I had been more critical. I wish I had complained more.

            I’m glad I never stopped to help anyone when I was in a hurry. I’m glad I never had people in home for a meal. I’m glad I was annoyed when my kids asked me to play with them. I’m glad I never taught Bible class because it was too much trouble. I’m glad I never stepped out of my comfort zone. I’m glad I never volunteered for anything because I was too busy. I’m glad I held those grudges. I’m glad I was less passionate. I’m glad I never went on a mission trip. I’m glad I never confessed my secret sins. I’m glad I was too proud or too embarrassed to go forward at church. I’m glad I didn’t take care of my health. I’m glad I was so busy. I’m glad I looked for others to encourage me instead of me encouraging them. I’m glad I never led anyone to Christ. –C.Fry

Posted on 02/18/2013 1:56 PM by Chris Fry
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