Monday, 20 August 2012
Your Child/Teen Needs Time with You

Your Child/Teen Needs Time with You

            School has started and our busy lives are cranking up! I know this from experience and from witnessing our families. A study by the American Academy of Pediatrics confirms it by concluding that kids' lives are overscheduled way before they enter their teenage years. Research proves that when kids have little unstructured playtime, they fail to develop creativity, problem-solving skills, or discover their true talents and interests. They literally don’t have time! Here’s a few suggestions for managing a new school year.

  1. Begin everything with Prayer. I probably don’t have to tell you to pray for your kids. But what about praying for the time you spend with your kids? Praying for your schedule? Psalm 31:15 says, “My times are in your hands…” Place your times and lives in the hands of God. He will carry you, sustain you, and bless you.
  2. Commit yourself to your goals and don’t give in when you’re tired. Yesterday evening, we took the kids to the park after dinner. It was fun and relaxing. However, when we got back home, we were running past bedtime. So getting the kids bathed and ready for bed was a blur. I was tired and my temptation was to put them in bed as soon as possible--skipping devo time. I had to overcome fatigue to continue to teach an important truth to my kids--we finish our day with prayers, songs, and talking about God. Busy lives cause fatigue. Fatigue makes cowards of us (Vince Lombardi). Don’t let weariness get in the way of spending important, quality time with your kids and teens.
  3. Say “No.” We, as parents, say “No” a lot to our kids. But what about saying to “No” to commitments? It’s hard! Good things are many times the enemy of the best things. You can’t be at every birthday party, sports event, school activity, or whatever else gets planned. So don’t try. Vickie and I battle to keep our life as simple as possible. Our kids just need time with us—not great vacations, restaurants, or entertainment. Just us.

Your kids and teens just need you! That is a liberating and freeing thought.

Don’t worry that your kids will miss out if they don’t participate or experience a certain activity or event. Just worry if they aren’t spending time with you. –C.Fry

Posted on 08/20/2012 1:41 PM by Chris Fry
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